REPENTE brand combines design and technology. They are focused on make you comfortable, make you go fast and love your bicycle even more.



REPENTE saddles technology 

Repente uses a lightweight carbon fiber saddle concept using a modular set of rails/frame and separate saddle tops. Their RLS setup allows riders to quickly and securely swap the saddle cover/shape, while retaining the same full carbon saddle support structure below. 

REPENTE saddles bases

The Repente saddles are made up of a carbon saddle base with carbon rails, made from UD T700 fibers with a 1k overlay.

REPENTE saddles top

Then on top of that you get one of three tops, which includes its own thin carbon shell that interlocks with the base. 

REPENTE locking system

The patented RLS locking system allows you to maintain your riding position unchanged – eliminating any risk of joint and muscular disorders.

How to assemble a REPENTE saddle