BRAKING ® , the global brake-systems manufacturer and brand that changed the motorcycle industry through the invention of its revolutionary WAVE® disc designs, sets the benchmark of innovation and performance other brands follow. BRAKING’s Batfly ®, S3 ® , and SK2 ® brake disc designs (branded WAVE® in Europe) deliver unrivaled braking performance, control and stopping power — in all conditions. Top off-road and on-road racing champions and teams demand superior performance, modulation, heat dissipation and braking power. This is why they trust BRAKING’s extensive product line of discs, pads, levers & master cylinders… and why you can too.

HOPE Pads BRAKING Characteristics

There are pads for different brands:

There are 3 types of pads:

  • Organic Pad BRAKING

    Semi-metallic organic versatile pad. Excellent braking at low temperatures, extremely low NVH issues, and good compromise between duration and ease of use. Ideal for: all mountain, cross country, free ride and road.
  • Carbo-Metallic Pad BRAKING

    Sintered metal brake for different for different operative conditions. It provides stable brake performance and low wear rate, even at high temperatures. Ideal for: enduro, cross country and road.
  • Sintered Race Pad BRAKING

    Sintered race pad for wide range of conditions. It provides excellent performance at high temperatures. Ideal for: race, enduro, downhill and e-bike.